England’s next manager

In this series we look at how four choices for the England manger would perform at the 2018 World Cup on Football Manager.

Here’s the four managers we’re looking at-:

1. Gareth Southgate (current England manager)
2. Eddie Howe (Bournemouth manager – and favourite)
3. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager – and another favourite)
4. Guus Hiddink (Wildcard choice)

We’ll start off with part one: Gareth Southgate.

Credit: Telegrah.co.uk
Credit: Telegrah.co.uk

The system

Southgate opts for a 4-3-3 direct system for England – perhaps his main talking point is there is no room for current captain Wayne Rooney.


Do England qualify?

Yes Southgate does get England to the World Cup with relative ease – they finish top of the group only losing one game.


In the World Cup Group?

England are drawn into Group C and handed a tough top seed with Brazil.

Iran and Algeria also in the group it should be seen as a group that England can get out of.

The tactics…

Southgate sticks to his 4-3-3 system which got England qualified – with a fairly similar team. Perhaps a big talking point in the squad selection is there is still no room for Wayne Rooney – and Watford captain Troy Deeney is preferred.



How does Southgate do?

Not very well. The campaign doesn’t get off to a great start as England lose 1-0 to Iran, then it’s followed up by 3-0 loss to eventual group winners Brazil. With England already out – they draw 3-3 with Algeria to round off a miserable World Cup.



What’s next for Southgate?

No surprise after a miserable World Cup campaign – Gareth Southgate resigns from the England job.


Here are some of the stats from Southgate’s England reign.


Thanks for reading part one of our England experiment – tomorrow we’ll see how Eddie Howe gets on in the England hot seat.


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