England’s next manager – continued

In this series we look at how four choices for the England manger would perform at the 2018 World Cup on Football Manager.

Here’s the four managers we’re looking at-:

1. Gareth Southgate (current England manager) WC 2018: Group stage
2. Eddie Howe (Bournemouth manager)
3. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager)
4. Guus Hiddink (Wildcard choice)

Here’s part two with: Eddie Howe.


At the ripe age of 38, Eddie Howe leaves AFC Bournemouth to manage the England national side.

Before we look into his time as England manager – who comes in to replace Howe at Bournemouth?


AVB is back in English football – who’d have thought it eh?!

The system


Eddie Howe sticks to a typical English 4-4-2 system – preferring youth players to the ‘older generation.’

As was a theme with Gareth Southgate, there is no room for Wayne Rooney.

Do England qualify?

That was the easy part for young Eddie!

England qualify winning all ten of their qualification games and scoring 33 goals in the process.

The main talking point is 2010 champions Spain fail to qualify for the World Cup.


In the World Cup Group

England are drawn in to Group D with Uruguay, Australia and Ukraine.

The tactics


As with Gareth Southgate – Eddie Howe sticks to the formation which got England qualified.

How does Howe do?

I tell you what – it’s all time to bow down to Sir Eddie as he takes the World Cup back to England for the first time since 1966.

England win all three of their group games including a tough win against Uruguay.

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-02-27-30 screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-02-27-59

They’re rewarded with a second round match against Costa Rica which see’s England end their penalty hoo-do spell.


Next up is Holland and England teach the Dutch a footballing lesson in a 3-0 victory.


A semi-final match up with rivals Germany proves to be no problem for Eddie Howe’s England – as Jamie Vardy fires England to the final.


And England beat Belgium in the final – guess who get’s the winning goal…


So all bow down to King Eddie and his knight in shining armour Jamie Vardy!

Eddie Howe, and Jamie Vardy do the unimaginable – on Football Manager!

Thanks for reading part two of our England experiment – tomorrow we’ll see how Arsene Wenger gets on in the England hot seat.


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