England’s next manager – continued

In this series we look at how four choices for the England manger would perform at the 2018 World Cup on Football Manager.

Here’s the four managers we’re looking at-:

1. Gareth Southgate (current England manager) WC 2018: Group stage
2. Eddie Howe (Bournemouth manager) WC 2018: Winners
3. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager) WC 2018: Group stage
4. Guus Hiddink (Wildcard choice)

Here’s part four with: Guus Hiddink.


After a tough year picking up the pieces left by Jose Mourinho at Chelsea – Guus Hiddink is rewarded with the England job, on Football Manager!

The system


All four managers in this series have dropped current England captain Wayne Rooney – Hiddink opts for the 4-3-3. It’s a little less direct when compared to Gareth Southgate’s system.

Do England qualify?

Yes they do – as with every manager so far England go unbeaten in the qualifying stage and win the group.


In the World Cup group

It’s a another tough draw for England – and for Guus Hiddink as Brazil, Croatia and Iran are drawn with the Three Lions in Group B.


The tactics

No real surprise here – Hiddink sticks with the same system which got England qualified to Russia 2018.


How does Hiddink do?

Hiddink manages to get England out of a tough group – finishing top. England open the group with a thrilling 4-4 draw with Brazil.

England win the remaining of their group games with a 2-1 win over Croatia and 3-0 win against Iran.

Brazil end up being knocked out of Group B!


England get Switzerland in the round of 16 – and that is where it ends as they lose 1-0 after extra-time.


Despite only making the second round – Guus Hiddink keeps his job as England manager for Euro 2020.

Looking back

This brings our England experiment to a close – and some themes have emerged from all four managers.

1. Youth over experience
2. No room for Wayne Rooney
3. Only Eddie Howe goes past the round of the 16

Heres how all the managers performed-:

  1. Eddie Howe (World Cup winner)
  2. Guus Hiddink (Round of 16)
  3. Arsene Wenger (Group stage, 3rd place)
  4. Gareth Southgate (Group stage, 4th place)

So if the FA do need any help – it may be best to approach Mr. Howe!

Thanks for reading part four of our England experiment – we’ll be back with more Football Manager experiments very soon!


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