Football Manager stories – Chris Darwen

Has Football Manager ever determined where you live?

For most, the answer to the question is “no, of course not!” For Chris Darwen though, the answer to that question is yes.

“My partner and I had decided to move out to Spain and we had narrowed it down to two seaside towns.

The deal was, brokered by me, that whichever team I could get promoted to La Liga on FM we would move there. It was Torrevieja.”

Torrrevieja sea front
Torrrevieja sea front

Darwen told us of how he got CD Torrevieja to the dizzy heights of La Liga

“On the save, I took CD Torrevieja from the Tercera to La Liga in straight seasons.”

After taking CD Torrevieja to La Liga, Chris and his partner moved out to Spain – and Torrevieja in Alicante.

And one of the first things Darwen did was to check out the team which he’d won multiple promotions with on Football Manager, even offering his services to them.

“When we got here I went to watch CD Torrevieja in the real world.

“It was clear they were not very good and needed some help both on the pitch and behind the scenes, so I offered my services for free and was appointed Commercial Director.

“It was a fun project for a year before I moved on to other things.”

How did Darwen end up hooked to Football Manager? It was all down to the help of a friend.

“I am one of the originals. I played the first ever version of the game all the way back in 1992.

“My school friend Simon Saliger showed me the latest management sim on his Amiga and I was hooked instantly.

“I borrowed the disks, and had a go.

“I seem to recall that you could only play as Barnet maybe, and there were not real players in the very first game. But it was awesome and only got better.”

Part 2 of Chris’ interview will be up this week!


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