Football Manager Stories – Quill Glade

Have you ever travelled more than 3,000 miles to watch one of your Football Manager teams play?

Somerset Park, home of Ayr United FC. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Somerset Park, home of Ayr United FC. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

No of course you haven’t, don’t be silly! But Youtuber Quill Glade, known as Quill18, recently embarked on the massive adventure from Toronto to Ayr United to watch the Scottish team play.

So why did Quill decide to go on the adventure to Ayr?

Six years ago my wife did a semester of college in Ayr as part of an exchange program,  we fell in love with the town.  

“I knew nothing about football when I started FM, but I wanted to play a smaller club and when I saw that Ayr had a team (League 1 in FM16, Championship in FM17), it was a perfect fit.

“My wife and I return to Ayr about once a year already.  I just made sure that this time the trip would overlap with a home game.”

Many of us have Football Manager heroes from the game over the recent years, for example, one of mine is a striker called Karl Toko Ekambi, a striker at Angers in France who banged the goals in for me when I managed Racing Club de Lens on FM 16.

What was it like for Quill to watch his ‘virtual heroes’ in real life?

“Really surreal.

“I actually got to spend several minutes chatting with Nicky Devlin, team captain, after the match – and while we were talking I saw several other players that I recognised stop by.

“Even more significantly, perhaps, it has changed the way I look at the players in my virtual game – especially since I now know that some of the players have started to watch the videos!  I had better treat them well.”

But will Quill go back to watch Ayr in the future?

I’m going to try very hard to catch a game every time I travel to Scotland from now on.”

Part 2 of Quill’s interview will be up tomorrow.


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