Football Manager Stories – Alex Stewart part 2

After seeing Alex ‘moneyball’ his way to the top on Football Manager in part one of this story, The Tactics Board asked Alex on his current project and his past FM saves.Alex is currently a writer for The Set Piecesand is part of the FM Project with Iain Macintosh and Matt Stanger, despite being sacked by Rangers early in the project.

“I was gutted, to be honest – I’ve never been sacked in FM and certainly not in a public game.” Alex said.

“The closest I came was in my Livorno save for uMAXit, but I pulled it around.

“It’s hard to explain the pressure when you’re doing something so many people do and love, but publically and writing about it.

“Everyone has their own ideas, critiques, and suggestions, and while that’s all part and parcel of it, and sometimes very helpful, I was very aware that everyone had seen me fail!”

But could Alex be making a return back to the FM Project?

“I can’t reveal anything specific, let’s just say the concept isn’t going away.”

As someone who played FM from the Championship Manager days – Alex has a lot of memorable moments from previous games.

The Tactics Board asked Alex about some of his most memorable saves.

“It’s hard to top the Bristol City save for The Set Pieces to be honest, especially the Champions League win, although winning the Coppa Italia with Livorno for uMAXit was also pretty special given how bad they were!

“I don’t get much time to do my own, long saves, because I need to boot up new ones to develop tactics for pieces, or run the Millwall save I’m doing for the Man on the Post podcast.

“I’ve got a few running at the moment, though, which I plan to write about at some juncture.”

And what are Alex’s tips for any of those Football Manager players struggling to get to grips with FM17?

Stick with it – don’t be discouraged.” Alex said.

“This version of the game is the hardest yet, but if you can get to grips with it, it’s also the most rewarding.

“I read quite a lot about the game from people whose opinions I trust like Guido, FMSamo, or the guys at Higher Tempo Press, and that helps too.

“Don’t chuck or restart saves either – sit and think about what’s going wrong and try to fix it. It’s much more rewarding to conquer a problem than to just jump from team to team.”




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